Scheduling an appointment using the Adoption Application?

The best way to schedule an appointment starts with completing and submitting an Adoption Application. If there is a specific pet you're interested in seeing, the application has a space where you can give us that information. If you don't have a specific pet in mind, you need only specify whether you're interested in seeing cats or dogs. After we've received and reviewed your application, a volunteer will call you to arrange an appointment.

Click here to go go the Adoption Application page. Please be sure to click on the proper submission button (cat or dog) at the bottom of the application page to insure your application goes to the correct volunteer.


Kittens              $  50.00     Fully vetted, appropriate to their age, including
                                             vaccinations and worming.

Adult Cats        $100.00     Fully vetted, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations
                                             and worming.

Puppies            $125.00      Fully vetted appropriate to their age, including
                                             vaccinations and worming. Not spayed or neutered.

Adult Dogs       $175.00     Fully vetted, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations
                                             and worming.

NOTE: West Virginia law requires all adult pets, leaving the shelter,
 to be spayed or neutered. If you adopt a kitten or puppy, you will be
 required to sign a binding Agreement stating that you WILL have
 that pet spayed/neutered before it reaches breeding age.

NO EXCEPTIONS! If you do not adhere to this Agreement,
 we can, and will have your pet returned to us.

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Low Cost or Discount Spaying/Neutering Program

You may call 304-614-9406 to get more information or apply for either of these programs.

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