What are the hours that the shelter open to the public?

The shelter is open from 9:00 am--Noon daily and from Noon--7:00 pm by appointment.   However, in order to insure a volunteer will be available to assist you, we ask that you shedule an appointment to visit the pets at the shelter.  We are not always available to answer the phone, but you may call us at 304-823-2012 and leave a message about scheduling an appointment and we will return your call as soon as possible.  However, the best way to schedule an appointment is to submit a completed Adoption Application.  (See below.)

How do I go about scheduling an appointment using the Adoption Application?

The best way to schedule an appointment starts with completing and submitting an Adoption Application.  If there is a specific pet you're interested in seeing, the application has a space where you can give us that information.  If you don't have a specific pet in mind, you need only specify whether you're interested in seeing cats or dogs.  After we've received and reviewed your application, a volunteer will call you to arrange an appointment.  Click here to go go the Adoption Application page.  Please be sure to click on the proper submission button (cat or dog) at the bottom of the application page to insure your application goes to the correct volunteer.

What are the adoption fees?

Kittens$85.00      Fully vetted appropriate to their age, including vaccinations and worming  Not spayed or neutered.
                                  You will receive a partial refund of this fee when you provide proof that your pet has been                                                spayed/neutered.

Adult Cats  $75.00      Fully vetted, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations and worming.

Puppies    $100.00      Fully vetted appropriate to their age, including vaccinations and worming.  Not spayed or neutered.

Adult Dogs  $150.00    Fully vetted, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations and worming.

NOTE:  West Virginia law requires all adult pets leaving the shelter to be spayed/neutered.  If you adopt a kitten or puppy, you will be required to sign a binding Agreement stating that you WILL have that pet spayed/neutered before it reaches breeding age.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you do not adhere to this Agreement, we can, and will have your pet returned to us.

Can you please give me directions to get to the shelter?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Because we are in a rural area, your GPS device may not accurately locate our facility.  The directions provided below WILL bring you right to our door.

Coming from the Southeast:

From Elkins, WV---Take Route 33/92 going toward Buckhannon. Turn right at the traffic light at the intersection of Rt. 33 and Rt. 250/92.  Follow Rt.250/92 through Junior and Belington. As you leave Belington, you will pass a Sheetz convenience store on your left. Rt. 250 splits with Rt. 92 here. Keep left and stay on Rt. 250 N. Go 2 miles. You will see a yellow truck crossing sign on your right. The next road on your right is Valley Bend Road. Turn right onto Valley Bend and go 1/4 mile. You will pass the Jehovah Witness church on your right. We are the next driveway on the right. The mailbox says AFOBC - 23A. Our official address is 23A Valley Bend Road. Go up the driveway and at the top of the hill you will see our shelter. 

Coming from the North:
Take I-79 and get off at exit 115 (Stonewood/Nutter Fort) Turn left at the end of the exit ramp and you will be on Rt. 20/57. After 4 miles Rt. 20 turns off to the right and goes to Buckhannon. Stay on Rt. 57 for about 10 miles until you come to the intersection of Rt. 119.  Turn left onto Rt. 119 and go about 2 miles. You will see the Covered Bridge on your right. Go through the bridge and at the traffic light turn right onto Rt. 250 South.  Follow Rt. 250 for about 10 miles. After you pass the Barbour County Fairgrounds on your right, you will see Valley Bend Road on your left. There is also a small billboard at the beginning of the road that says "Tin Roof Builders". Turn left onto Valley Bend and go 1/2 mile. You will pass a turn off for Bills Creek Rd. Just stay on Valley Bend and the next driveway on your left is ours. The address on the mailbox is 23A - AFOBC. Come up the driveway and you will see the shelter at the top of the hill. 

From the Northeast:  

Take Rt. 92 south to Belington and get on Rt. 250 N.  Then go 2 miles and follow directions from the south. 

From the South/Southwest:

Take I/79 north and get off at the Weston exit (#99). Take Rt. 33 going toward Elkins. At the traffic light at the intersection of Rt. 33 and Rt. 250/92, turn left and follow directions given for coming from the Southeast.

How do I get more information about the Low Cost or Discount spaying/neutering program?

You may call 304-614-9406 to get more information or apply for either of these programs.

I am aware of a situation where an animal is being abused or neglected.  What should I do about it?

Neglecting or abusing an animal is against the law in West Virginia.  Report the situation to the Barbour County Communications Center at 304-457-5167 and then call our shelter at 304-823-2012 to make us aware of the situation, as well.  We will follow up with local law enforcement officials to see to it that the situation is fully resolved.