From our first day in operation in 2002 our singular purpose has been to find safe, loving homes for every adoptable Barbour County companion animal that is unfortunate enough to find itself lost, abandoned, neglected or abused.  

For the most part, we are able to place our 'fur kids' in a relatively short amount of time, but others have waited patiently for as much as years until the perfect adopter comes along.

While we find great joy in each and every successful adoption, it's particularly heartwarming for us to see the 'long timers' finally placed in that very special 'forever' home.

Day by day, one by one, young and old, big and small---we send them off to 'home sweet home'.

  Happy people!  Happy pets!


If you adopted a pet from us anytime in the past and you would like to send us a photo or two and a note, we'd love to hear from you.  Submissions can be made by clicking on the button below.
This page was last updated: April 23, 2019
We adopted Bane (the kitty formerly known as Brantley) from Uniontown Petsmart in the summer of 2014, when he was just a little guy. My boyfriend, not previously a “cat person”, picked him out. Or Bane picked him, depending on who you ask. He’s been our best buddy ever since (although, admittedly, those two still have something special).
We just recently rescued another kitty (Quinn — the boyfriend likes Batman), who Bane took to immediately. We joke about how good of a “mom” he is. He’s a real special guy and I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to find each other!


A very late but very Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Love, Jonathan, Sarah, Bethany, Annalise, Melody, Lexi & Jazz.  Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! 

Thanks again for making our family more complete this year with the addition of Lexi!! 

He’s just at 15lbs and the doc doesn’t think he’ll get any bigger. He’s just perfect!  I’ve attached a few more photos, maybe they’ll work.  We celebrated Picasso’s 1st birthday last month... I’ve attached a few pictures for you all.  Currently, his favorite toys are the puzzle (block) toy and giant reindeer (that’s bigger than him!). He loves visiting his friends at camp bow wow once in a while and is such a silly little guy...checkout that last pic! He lays like that for hours sometimes while he naps... :-)


Shy little Tuesday now has a home, a new canine sister and two people who will give her all the love and security she needs.

Hello Judy,

Tuesday is doing wonderful. She is not shaking at all anymore and now comes to us when we call her. She doesn't crawl anymore at all and instead wags her tail all the time. It was really nice to be able to spend a lot of time with her last weekend. We took a long walk in the snow and she and Ella had a blast. We can't wait to see how the dogs will enjoy the fence once the weather allows for us to build it. Right now they get stuck on the garden furniture a lot with their long leashes and everything is all over the place. Tuesday loves being on the couch with us and passes out cuddling us every night. She really does love attention, getting her belly rubbed and being pet now and gets exicted when we get up in the morning or come home from work. She is such a lovely and caring dog. We have taught her to "sit" and believe that we can soon move on to teach her to "stay". We have not seen her and Ella play yet, but evidence suggests that they secretly do that at night. We hope that she will soon start walking around on her own. Right now she doesn't get up from the couch or her bed unless she is following one of us.

Thank you so much for introducing us to her!

Leonie & Mark 

Our BIG boy, Duke, was thrilled to be heading off to his new home!

Waffle can't wait to see what kind of adventures are waiting for her as she explores her new world!

Howie waited a long time for his chance at a "forever" home---just proves that patience pays off.  He was a very happy boy on Adoption Day!

Rocky was thrilled to be going home with  Kecia and Brianand it looks like it didn't take him any time at all to scope out the best chair for an afternoon nap!

We're sure little Bubbles was thrilled to get to her new home and find a nice  spot to warm up.  That icy snow had got to be cold on her butt!  HAH!


I am on vacation in S.C.  I went to the beach today and chased my ball.  That was fun because it was so cold at home lately I really didn’t want to go out.
Hope all is well with you and your back is totally healed.
Take care and hope you are getting homes for all the dogs.



After adopting Colin, we decided to rename him Flynn. Since adopting him last February, he has had a very full year and has made a lot of new friends.  

In March, he made his first trip to Spruce Knob to hike with us and went with Henry and I to get ice cream on Dairy King's opening day in 2018. He also went with us to the St. Patrick's Day festival in Ireland, WV and the Maple Syrup festival in Pickens, WV.  

During the warmer months, he and I enjoy taking walks down the little road we live on and visiting our neighbors. He especially enjoys exploring by the creek we live next to. He is very well mannered and stays with me like "Lassie" does on the big screen. He can be told "Go home" and he knows to run to our back stoop. He also listens to basic commands very well and enjoys trying to give me hugs by putting his paws on my shoulders.  

Flynn has also made several trips to Broaddus Hospital to greet me after a long day of work. My co-workers enjoy coming out to play with him and pet him. He is a big teddy bear.  

For Thanksgiving last year, Flynn made his first trip to Georgia to visit my family for the holiday. He was very patient on our long car ride there. My family fell in love with him. He was a regular at our campfires at night and went on many walks with my twin sister, mom, and me.  
Since winter has come about again, I have learned how much he likes the snow. Sometimes, it requires much persuasion to get him to come inside. He loves eating the snow too. He is very cute playing in the snow.  

Here's a few pictures of his past year with us. Thank you for all that you do in helping animals find loving homes!!! I hope things are going well at the shelter! Thank you so much!

Itsy now has a canine brother named George and a new family to dote on her. We wish all of them many, many happy, love filled years together!

What a happy day for Ruby as she starts her new life in a home full of love and attention! Karen and her family have great plans for this wonderful pup. We know there are going to be a lot of exciting days ahead for everyone and we wish them many fun and love filled years ahead.


We got an update about Ruby from Kathy and we're thrilled to learn that all is going extremely well.  We think things can be summed by the last lines in Kathy's email:

"She has been an absolute godsend of pure joy and happiness so far and can't wait to spend the rest of our furever lives together! 

Thank you so much for all you wonderful ladies (& guys) do to help save these babies!

Karen and Ruby

Sweet little Petey has gone off to his forever home and a life that he can't even begin to imagine at this point!  Happy days ahead for everyone!

Our boy, Clark, has waited years for that one special person to come along and adopt him.  We KNOW good things come to those who wait---and from the look on Clark's face, he knows this is one of those good things!  We're thrilled for Clark and his new best friend and wish them a long, happy life together!

Lucky Lucy is not only getting 2 doting parents to lavish attention on her, she's also getting a canine buddy to play with!

Our big, beautiful Darla is on her way to a happy, love-filled life with this happy couple!

​One year ago today I adopted Tinker, my little 7 month old tan/red chihuahua from your shelter. He has grown so much and is a little over weight (14 lbs.) due to winter, but the vet says he is doing great. We’re working on that. He loves to play rough and has to have the toughest toys to play with. Very verbal with many voices to get attention. Still in the puppy stage, still gets into things when he can and still has “accidents” in the house. BUT, he has brought more joy and laughter than you could imagine into my life. Goes to bed with me and sleeps under the cover, wakes me in the morning usually up in my face with kisses and never leaves my side. I just love the heck out of him.

 Thank you Judy for this four legged bundle of joy.
Hi animal friends of Barbour County, 

I recently adopted an amazing cat named Migo a few months ago. He may be a senior but he is one big ball of energy. He has become my best friend. He sleeps with me every night, goes on road trips with me, and joins me at work. He is an absolute love bug. He got vet checked as soon as I brought him home. He's up-to-date on all his vaccines, got his teeth cleaned, got wormed, and got him on flea/tick prevention. He is a happy, healthy cat. I cannot thank you guys enough for him. He has been an absolute joy. I attached some pictures of him. 

Thank you so much,
Melissa Guydish
Hello Judy,

Tuesday (now named Sophia) is doing wonderful. She has started trusting more people. My family has came to visit from Germany for a couple of weeks and she is now very comfortable around all of them. When they first arrived, she got very shy and started hiding in her corner again, but within a week she started to trust them too. Now she even greets them joyfully anytime they come to the door. My brother even likes to take her for a run during the day.

It seems like being able to trust more people really helped her confidence. She now stands beside Ella and barks anytime they feel like the house needs protected and does not seem to be as afraid of strangers anymore. She also started playing with Ella a lot tougher. They are having a blast together in the backyard all the time now.

Thank you very much for bringing her into our lives!

I was cleaning the back porch and this is my helper. Lol. We love Reggie (aka Oreo). He seems to be a enjoying his life. His hair is growing but not alot. He is a big food hound. Vet said I have to watch his weight. Right now he is grumbling because he wants a sloppy joe. We are training him on the invisible fence and he has a doggy neighbor he loves thanks again . Let the other girls know he is doing well.

The third photo shows Dad and Reggie enjoying one of their favorite pass times!