Your notice will be posted here for 30 days,
or until you notify us that
 the animal is back home.
If you do not find the lost or found pet on this page,
 click here to go to our postings
on the Petfinder website to look for it there.
This page was last updated: December 14, 2019
   If you have lost a cherished pet, or have found an animal that you believe could be a lost pet, this page
 is your resource to help get that pet back home.
   To post a message here, use the e-mail button below. Please include the following information,
 as well as a photo of the animal, if one is available.
  • Brief description of the animal: cat, dog, breed, color, special markings, wearing a collar or any ID, approximate age of the animal
  • Area of the county where the animal was lost or found
  • Telephone number or e-mail address to contact with information
  • Reward offered, if any 
Pets that are being cared for at the Animal Friends Shelter may be placed on the Petfinder Website
 5 days from the first day they are posted on this page.