In the Fall of this year one of our biggest, long term goals has finally been achieved!  Construction of the Cat Paws Playground has been completed and is being enjoyed by kitties who desperately need this safe environment to play, exercise and socialize.  It’s been so gratifying to watch them learn to use the pet doors so they can make their own decisions about being outside where they can explore and play, and then come inside to relax, nap and grab a bite to  eat. The playground has become an especially favorite place for our long term cat residents who are finally able to enjoy getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine---something that’s been missing in their lives for a long time.

We are so very grateful to everyone who believed in the importance of the playground and supported our fundraising efforts for this project.  We were truly overwhelmed by the generous donations we received.  THANK YOU!

Our future plans for the playground include benches where visitors can sit, visit and interact with the cats, activity structures for exploration and exercise, high perches where they can see the world from a different angle, and running wheels.  If you would like to help us put these finishing touches in the playground, contact Kim at 304-823-3012 or email kimskitties@frontier.com.

Again, we thank everyone who helped make our dream come true to bring this important addition to our shelter.