Early this year, Cheri saw a posting on our website pleading for donations of cat food, so she hustled off to a local store that had pet food on sale and brought a cartload to the next adoption event.  Cheri got her sister, Gretchen (another cat lover) involved and Gretchen donated food, as well.  Then, while talking with her friend, Kristin Morvosh, Cheri got the idea to help us with a food drive, and Kristin got right on board with that idea.
Since the March Madness basketball season was approaching, the ladies decided to name the food drive “March Madness for Fur Friends!  Cats vs Dogs!”  Kristin went all out and had a beautiful sign made and placed it where all of the customers coming into her shop (Modern Dimensions Salon LLC) could see it.  She also offered customers who made a donation a 10% discount on any of the salon services/products, and as soon she posted the “project” on the salon’s Facebook page, donations started pouring in.  Not only did her clients make donations, many of them refused the 10% discount and some folks just dropped off donations.  News of the food drive spread to other shop owners in the Countryside Plaza and they brought donations, as well.  At the end, not only donations of food were collected, but beds, bowls, toys, leashes and more covered the front of Kristin’s shop.  What a truly magnificent outpouring of generosity from the Mt. Pleasant community!

On April 6th, Kristin loaded up the truck and drove from Mt. Pleasant to make the delivery, and you have to know that our volunteers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the fully stocked supply building!

The ladies now plan to make this an annual event and they hope that the idea will catch on with merchants right here in Barbour County.  As Cheri tells it, “More than anything, we wanted to help the cats and dogs.  They are the real heroes of the story.  They are where the focus should be.  We just did a little thing to change their lives but they have the power to change many people’s lives if just given the chance to be adopted. Adopted/rescued pets are the best.  They know what it is like to be alone and unloved.  They give all of their love unconditionally to their “person.”  To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 

So, we sincerely thank Cheri, Kristin, the entire staff of Modern Dimensions, and the Mt. Pleasant area residents who made donations.  Your kindness truly cannot be measured by mere words---you have filled our hearts with gratitude.  By the way, the cats squeaked out the victory once all the donations were ‘tallied’!