Pet Food

     Please NO dog bone treats
     Esbilac (replacement puppy milk)
     KMR (replacement kitten milk)
     Canned food (dog & cat)  URGENT NEED!
     Brands of food we accept:
          Science Diet, Innova, Royal Canin,
          Eukanuba, Newman's Own
Food Containers

     9 quart stainless steel buckets
     2 quart stainless steel dog bowls
    20 ounce stainless steel CoopCups with 
         bracket for cat cages
Grooming Items

     Pet Dryer
     Nail Clippers (cat and dog)
     Andis Pro Clip (2 speed clipper)
     Hydro-Surge Bath System
     Grooming Table
Kennel Items

     Kuranda beds
     Heavy-Duty leashes
     Vari-Kennels (large and intermediate)
     Horse Mats
     Kitten-sized litter boxes
     Cat/dog wire crates
     Cozy Kitty pet beds
     Cat climbing trees
     5-unit Bank Modular Fiberglass Cages
Health Items

     Pill Pockets
     Wall Mount dog scale
     Heated welping nest
     Advantage/Frontline flea control products
Pet Toys/Chews

     Hard rubber chew toys (Kongs)
     Moose antlers
     Heavy chew ropes
     Small cat toys/balls
     Please NO rawhide chews for dogs 
Cleaning Items

     Paper towels
     Clorox bleach
     Dryer fabric softener sheets
     Liquid laundry detergent
Gift Cards/Certificates

     Tractor Supply
     Sam's Club
     Pet Smart
Equipment and Appliances

     Digital camera and memory cards
     New desk-top computer
     High quality color laser printer
     EZ-UP canopies for outdoor events
     Folding tables/chairs for outdoor events
Grounds Equipment and Maintenance

     Small tractor w/bucket and blade
     Chain saw
     Chain link fence/stakes
Volunteer Opportunities

     Dozer (dispose of tree stumps, level ground,
         and driveway repair
     Skid Loader/aka Bobcat (clean outside
         dog kennels)
     Dump Truck (haul trash and debris)
     Construction of dog exercise/play area
     Construction of canopy over dog play area
     Backhoe (lay new drain pipe in driveway)
     Construction of canopy over the outside 
         walkway in kennel area
     Construction of storage building
     Clear and trim trees
     Power wash dog houses