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What's the best day for our shelter volunteers?

It's the day when one of our 'fur kids' goes "Home Sweet Home"!
It's hard to tell who has the biggest smile---Cheryl France or her new best friend, Valentine!

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Although the schedule varies occasionally, we will be visiting the Uniontown, PA PetSmart store every Saturday with cats and kittens and on the second Saturday of each month with dogs and puppies.

Dogs from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cats from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Gunther was found wandering around a town in Barbour County with a large chain around his neck. He was so emaciated and weak that we had doubts that he would survive. With plenty of nutritious of food and lots of caring attention from our volunteers, he became stronger, and no longer stumbled and fell when he walked. The vet has given him a clean bill of health, except for his arthritis and possible limited hearing and vision. We estimate his age to be 14 or 15 years and he weighs 65 pounds.

Gunther loves to walk on a leash and he is very content just walking around the fenced yard at the shelter, ignoring the little dogs who frisk around him. He does have a favorite food---hot dogs!  He loves to curl up on a thick quilt in his crate and nap after a few hours spent outside.

We are hoping to find a home for Gunther that would offer him the love and comfort that he deserves in his sunset years. He would be a pleasant companion and an easy dog to care for. We are so hoping that someone will open their heart and home to this sweet old boy!

Back in the mid 2000's Deb Boyle was part of our network of rescue groups in New York state.  We recently received this letter from her and want to share it with you . . .
I recently found an old Pet Record pamphlet for the dog my dad adopted from you folks and I though you might like to hear about what a wonderful life this sweetheart had.

Her name is listed as Bess, but my dad renamed her “Peanut”. She arrived here via a rescue transport to New York state. 
My dad was recovering from an aortic aneurysm and had lost his will to go on.  I suggested that he ‘try’ Bess out for a few days before adopting, to which he agreed.  The very next day he called me demanding that I take “Conan The Destroyer” back asap.  She had knocked a plant off of his sill while looking out the window.  I was shocked that he said this, but reluctantly took her back to my home.

The next day he called me, frantic to have the dog back.  He was miserable without her company and missed her human-like smile.  Needless to say, he adopted her and they had an amazing relationship.  He now became more active, taking her for walks, cooking her special dinners, calling her the best woman he ever met, etc., etc., etc.  That dog was so ‘into’ what my dad was doing that, if he was digging holes in his garden for vegetable plants, she would help him dig the holes!  I saw this with my very own eyes!  Amazing!  This dog changed his life more than you can imagine---a match made in heaven.

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               SIBLINGS REUNITED AFTER 13 YEARS!      

The mission of the Animal Friends of Barbour County is to provide a home for abandoned animals until they can find their “forever” home.  Sometimes these dogs and cats are with us for a very long time, and we begin to lose hope. But then, something extraordinary happens, that proves that our efforts are always worthwhile.

Recently, two siblings, Shirley (on the left) and Goliath, were reunited after thirteen years.

To read this heartwarming story, click here.
Obedience is Mine
by Sudie Shipman

Sitting in all the different veterinarian offices that I do, I spend my time waiting by observing other pet owners and how they interact with their animals.  There are always a variety of characters waiting for the vet.  Unhappy kitties are crying in pet carriers (always use a carrier to bring your cat to the vet or a pillow case works it you don’t have a carrier), little dogs are sitting in the laps of their owners, sometimes patiently, sometimes barking, and there is usually a big dog nervous and out of control.

I always have an urge to take these nervous and barking dogs from their owners and show them how to handle the animal.   Though I restrain myself in the vets office, I can give dog owners a few pointers here.

First and foremost in dog obedience is having good tools.  If you don’t have a choke chain collar for your dog, get one.  They are available at the dollar stores and not expensive.  The words choke chain may sound harsh, but just like a bridle and bit for a horse this is the tool to use to control the animal.  To put the choke chain on your dog appropriately hold it open so it forms a P.  The downward loop of the P should go under the dogs chin and the long part of the chain goes across the back of the dogs neck.  This allows for a quick jerk on the chain to momentarily restrain the dog and then release.  This mimics how the dog would be trained in a pack, and does not hurt the animal.

If you have ever watched Cesar Milan on TV you know that a dog that has not learned that it’s owner is in control is a nervous dog.  Dogs need a pack leader, and you are the leader.  Letting your dog know that you are in charge, makes for a happier and healthier dog.  Teaching the dog to come, heel, sit and stay establishes you as the pack leader.  Dogs are smart and they learn fast.  It takes time and patience, but it is very easy to teach your dog to be obedient.  There are lot of resources out there to learn how to teach your dog obedience.  You can watch television shows, read books on dog training, take your dog to an obedience class or take it to a kennel that trains dogs. 

One of the mistakes I see most often is rewarding bad behavior.  If your dog is barking or out of control, a quick, firm jerk on his leash attached to a choke chain and a stern “no” will soon teach your dog this not acceptable behavior.  You have to be persistent, until your dog learns.  Just like a child, the dog will test you to see if you really mean it.  Never pet or hold your dog when he is barking, upset or displaying bad behavior.  This tells you dog that his behavior is acceptable.  You only want to pet your dog when he is calm and relaxed. 

One of the greatest joys in my life was the ability to play fetch with my dog.  I could take the dog anywhere off leash, pick up a stick and throw it and she would bound joyfully after the stick and return it to me to throw again.  It was so much fun.  I could also stop the dog in her tracks with one word.  She tested me at times, because a dog does have a mind of her own.  But knowing I could trust her, even off leash, to behave herself made for a happy dog, a happy human and a wonderful life together.

We now have discount vouchers available to assist   county residents having  limited income with the cost  of spaying/neutering their pets.

For more information or to obtain a voucher, call the shelter at 304-823-2012
and leave a message.

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Little Denise needs your help! She was found over the weekend by a Good Samaritan and brought to us. Although we don’t know exactly what she has been through, you can see by the picture that it has been traumatic for her. She has been transported to an emergency vet in Pennsylvania and is awaiting surgery where she will have to have both eyes removed.  At  approximately
8 weeks old, Denise will still be capable of living a full and happy life with the right family. We need your help in covering the $600.00 in medical expenses needed for Little Denise. Please make a donation today to help Little Denise!  Any amount will help!!

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